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भारतीय यादव महासभा


मुख्य कार्यालय : रामपुरा हाउस , रिवाड़ी हरियाणा

दिल्ली कार्यालय : लोदी स्टेट, सुब्रमण्यम भारतीय मार्ग, नई दिल्ली

दूरभाष : 011-24643265 , 011-24643264

राव इंद्रजीत सिंह यादव
सांसद - गुड़गांव
(अध्यक्ष-भारतीय यादव महासभा)


The main features of this website are: is an exclusive & comprehensive social networking website for the people of the yadav community. This site has been created with constructive & creative motive to bring the people of yadav community come closer world wide. Our aim is to provide a platform for people of yadav community, where we can share our views, know each other & discuss our common problems. This site is also usefull for yadav persons who are in search of bride/grooms,jobs/employees & other professional services. This is also an attempt to compile data base of profile of each & every living yadav on this planet.
01. Membership—It is an attempt to compile data base of each & every living yadav families with photo of head of family.
02.Executive Bodies--- The main objective of this site to complete the details & information about the Bhartiya Yadav Mahasabha , Its Organisations/ Institutions & their activities & achievements.
(i) Bhartiya Yadav Maha Sabha
(ii) State Units of Bhartiya Yadav Mahasabha
(iii) Bhartiya Yadav Maha Sabha Youth wing
(iv) Sainik Prakosth- Bhartiya Yadav Maha Sabha
(v) Bhartiya Yadav Maha Sabha Women wing
03. History of Yadavs—This feature contains ancient, modern & present historical events of yadavs of international , national, political, civil services, sports, films & media, writers & journalists, science , technology & medical scientists, industrialists, entrepreneurs as well as yogi’s/ spiritualists and devoted social reformers & workers etc.
04. Photo & video gallary---These features will show you selected photo & video coverage’s of important functions of our Yadav community in the different parts of India.
We welcome your valuable suggestions for betterment & make this web site very much useful for our community.
Jai Hind--------- Jay Yadav , Jay Madhav-----
Your's Sincerely
Anil Yadav Engineer